Tree Removal

Mature trees after time may start encroaching on fences, threatening house foundations or roofs and electrical wires and structures around them. They may sustain considerable damage from severe storms or develop an insect infestation and be too compromised to save and may require removal.   The tree may pose a risk of injury or property damage if not taken care of. TS Arborists have highly-trained, experienced and fully insured professionals to safely remove the tree and if required, the stump, using specialized equipment.

TS Arborists is passionate about the preservation of trees whenever possible.  Each case is assessed individually and options provided.  If the tree can be saved, alternatives to removal will be suggested.

It is important to note that, depending on your location, you may be bound to specific bylaws addressing tree removal.  Permits may be necessary to lawfully remove trees. Should permits be required, TS Arborists can arrange the processing of permits within the GTA.

Tree Removal Services GTA

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